Birthday: September 27
Horoscope: Libra
Favorite Color: Beige
Favorite Sports Team: Golden State Warriors
What do you love most your job? The relationship I have with my co-workers.
What are you scared of the most? Failures
If you can have a superhero power, what would it be and why? If I were a superhero, my power would be healing people. That way, no more people would die of cancer and other diseases. No one would have to spend thousands of money on hospital bills.
What would you do if you win the lottery? I will use the money to put up a business but actually, I think I’d keep working.
What is your favorite casino game? Baccarat
What is one embarrassing moment you’ve had while dealing? When I cried at the table because my grandmother passed away
What are your weird talents? Eyebrow dancing
What is the one place you’d like to go to? Maldives
What do you like wearing on a regular day? I usually wear comfy clothers with no make up. If I have to leave the house, I will put on foundation powder, blush, and a tinted balm.
Describe your ideal romantic date: Anywhere as long as I’m with the one that I love