You see them everyday in the Live Casino studio. They’ve brought good luck to hoards of M88 members, may it be playing Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, or Sic Bo. But how did the girls end up as the MBabes? Well, all girls in the live casino studio are beautiful and talented and what we want is for them to have their well-deserved moment in the spotlight. Choosing who to feature first was the first challenge, but we ended having a mixture of fun and diverse personalities.

We now present our first batch of MBabes whom you will see more of in the coming weeks!


She is definitely the one you go to when you want to have fun! Her antics and wacky comments definitely liven up the room. The rest of the MBabes laugh a lot more when she’s around!



Mary Joe

MJ exudes class and elegance. She has her own signature poses that photographers love. But beyond her refined exterior is an adventurous girl who is up for anything and everything!




Nor-in has this sexy and fun vibe that just comes out naturally, especially when people around her are joking around. It’s hard to keep her still because she can laugh at anything!



When it comes to photo shoots, Rosalie knows how it’s done. This sweet and soft spoken gal always finishes what she started and is always willing to go the extra mile to make it look good. Just look at her stunning photos!

Izumi Nagata

Izumi is the group’s baby sister who’s always looking cute and adorable. She’s quite shy but once she loosens up, her fun side starts to show and her sweet smile becomes more visible.


Abigail’s beauty can light up a room when she smiles. She’s that kind of girl who always has poise and grace — whether she’s dealing in the live casino studio or doing a photo shoot.


Camille has this sexy and mysterious appeal in most of her photos, but behind the camera is a lady who also loves to mingle and chat with her friends. And once the camera’s in front of her, she can immediately switch to produce the most captivating photos.