If Sic Bo is your game of choice, it would be wise to invest time studying ways to maximize profits when playing.  Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the online casino you’re playing at, these guidelines will help you achieve increased profitability and advantage.

Study the Tables

The difference is in the odds. The standard odds of “60 to 1” mean that the house edge is at 15.28%. Look for the tables that offer odds of “65 to 1” – an 8.33% house edge – giving you a higher winning possibility.

Aside from the odds, look at the minimum and maximum limits and compare it with your bankroll. Make sure that the required wager amount can be accommodated by your given bankroll for that particular playing time. Avoid doubling the wager in a progression by not choosing the lowest maximum limit.

Claim Offers

Online casinos have a variety of promotions — from sign up bonuses to rebates and cash back offers. Live Casino promotions will help you get the most out of your betting money.  Online casinos have promotions pages outlining the fine print for each offer, so carefully read through the conditions.

Plan Your Strategy

While the fun part of gambling is leaving it to luck and using one’s instincts during betting, increasing profitability would require you to be systematic and logical. There is no strategy that is proven to outdo others at all times. But, it is crucial that you stick to whatever strategy you choose from the start. It might be tempting to change to another strategy after a few bets, but do realize that luck can always come into play at any time. Changing strategies frequently might just lead to disorganized playing based on no strategy at all.

Manage Your Money

We’ve said it a lot of times and we cannot reiterate it enough. If profitability is what you’re after, learn to manage your money. And we’re not just talking about keeping an eye on your bankroll. It’s about developing a plan that determines each playing session’s time limit and maximum losing amount allowed. This also includes knowing when to stop. When you win big within a short span of playing time, quit before you get tempted to play more and lose what you’ve earned.

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